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What is a Foundation Sponsor?

The Foundation Sponsors program is our ongoing giving program open to both businesses and individuals. There are several sponsorship levels that come with a range of public recognition, including links to a donor’s business on the CCF website. We provide visible evidence of your serious commitment and support to the future of Claremont.

Foundation Sponsor Program Application

Foundation Sponsors Program Levels

BLOCKS—$600 per Year ($50/month)*

BRICKS—$1,200 per Year ($100/month)

PILLARS—$2,400 per Year ($200/month)

ARCHES—$4,800 per Year ($400/month)

ARCHITECTS—$12,000 per Year ($1,000/month)

2017 Architect, Arches, and Pillar Foundation Sponsors

* All levels receive recognition by the Claremont Community Foundation on the CCF website and at fundraising events. Donations may be billed to credit cards or paid by check in an installment schedule that works for you.