Start A New Fund

The Claremont Community Foundation offers a wide range of charitable funds, allowing you to tailor the timing, form and impact of your gifts. As a partner of the California Community Foundation, CCF provides professional stewardship to ensure that donor intentions are honored.

We offer each donor the option to give for today, or endow for tomorrow.

If endowed, your original gift becomes the corpus of the fund, which cannot be spent. This principal will generate earnings, which will become available for grant giving. Over a period of decades, an endowed fund’s principal can more than double…while supplying grants every year. Endowed donor-advised funds are a great way to allow future generations to continue your tradition of giving.

If not endowed, your original gift is available for grants right away. Non-endowed funds are a good way to put your gift to immediate use.

CCF is here to assist and support donors’ personal philanthropy goals. For more information on starting a fund or to set up a meeting, call 909-398-1060 or email us at

Types of Funds

Donor-Advised Fund

Minimum effort, maximum impact. A CCF donor-advised fund allows you to create and name a fund, serve as its advisor, and recommend charitable distributions. Each gift to your CCF fund triggers an immediate tax deduction. CCF handles the legal, financial and administrative burdens, including writing grant checks and tracking results. As donor advisor, you can take your time and focus on the most important aspect: recommending grants from your fund.

Scholarship Fund

Created by gifts or bequests, scholarship funds help students cover the increasing costs of higher education. You may add to an existing fund or work with CCF staff to design one with your own criteria.

Field of Interest

Established to support a specific charitable area, such as arts and culture, education, the environment, or health and wellness.