Leave A Legacy

Imagine people remembering you 50 or 100 years from now because their lives are richer or more productive as a result of your generosity. The Claremont Community Foundation offers donors the opportunity to give planned gifts today that will leave a lasting philanthropic impact. Consider one of the following types of gifts:

  • A Bequest from a Will or Living Trust
  • Retirement Assets
  • Life Insurance
  • Other Property

Please contact us by email or phone for more information, or to schedule a meeting to review your individual needs.

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The Foundation Sponsors Program was established by the Board of Directors of the Claremont Community Foundation to publicly recognize individuals and businesses for their generous support.​​



To maximize our positive impact in the community and to exist in perpetuity, the Claremont Community Foundation (CCF) develops and implements programs, and initiatives on an on-going basis.



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Funds for CCF grants are mainly generated by donor-designated and unrestricted contributions from caring individuals, businesses, and organizations in and around Claremont..​​