The Claremont Community Foundation (CCF) was founded in 1989 at the urging of the Claremont city council. At that time, the council was unable to support all the worthy organizations that approached it for funding. Therefore, the council along with the City Manager, decided to work with other concerned citizens to form an organization that could effectively address the needs of many organizations throughout Claremont and its surrounding areas.

The organizing committee was composed of city council members, Judy Wright, Diann Ring, Nick Presecan, Alex Hughes and Bill McCready, along with Howard Brooks (President, Scripps College), Glenn Southard (City Manager), and George McKelvey (VP of Development, Harvey Mudd College.) The organizing committee selected Mary Weis to be the first Executive Director, and a board of directors was assembled with George McKelvey elected as the organization’s first president.

Initial funding for CCF came from a five-year grant from the City of Claremont. The main goals of the foundation were to create a focal point for philanthropy in the community, and fill perceived gaps in the areas of arts and community impact. Fundraising and “friend-raising” were of paramount importance.

Today, CCF continues to strive to strengthen and enrich the community through support in the areas of art and community impact.

♥ We recognize individuals and businesses for their generous support.​​

♥ We develop and implement programs, and initiatives on an on-going basis.

♥ Events help support the Foundation.

♥ We encourage civic engagement and philanthropy.