Grant Reporting Guidelines

CCF Grant Report Guidelines

Mid-Term reports are due halfway through your program and Year-End reports are due no later than the end of the calendar year, preferably upon completion of your program grant. Grantees are expected to describe and evaluate their activities relating to the grant and to account for the use of grant funds during the reporting period. Use the form below as a template. Final reports help us understand how grants benefit our community. The insights you provide by answering the questions below help to substantiate our past grantmaking and inform our future grantmaking. We encourage you to go beyond simply documenting your activities and costs. We want to hear about your outcomes and successes, but also your challenges, difficulties, and even failures related to this grant and what you have learned that will make your organization more effective.

Name of Organization: ______________________________________________________________

Program Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Amount of Grant: _____________________ Date of Grant: _______________

CEO/Executive Director: _____________________________________________________________

Person Completing Report: __________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________ Email: ____________________________________

Please answer the following questions and attach supporting information if needed. Please restrict your narrative to a maximum of four pages.

1. Please indicate how many people were served through your grant and to what capacity. You might include an attendance summary and total people served.

2. What results were accomplished toward your program goals and objectives, as outlined in your proposal? List each goal and objective with each result.

3. Did you experience any obstacles to completing your goals and objectives? If so explain the obstacles and what your organization did to overcome those obstacles to make this grant a success.

4. Did you make any adjustments in the original plans, timetable or budget?

5. What were your expected outcomes? List the outcomes and results and/or data (please use numbers not percentages).

6. What difference did this program make in the lives of the participants? What difference has this program made overall in the community?

7. Whenever possible, share the difference this program has made with one or more success stories.

8. Please include a separate sheet showing expenditure(s) of grant funds to date. If necessary please include a narrative explanation of any variances between proposed spending and actual spending.

9. Other comments?

10. Please include photos and testimonials that we may use. Indicate if we do or do not have permission to reproduce on our website and in further marketing we do.

Please return completed Reports to CCF via email: