Artist of the Month

Our Artist-of-the-Month program features the work of a new artist each month. The Chamber offices are open during the Claremont Art Walk every first Saturday for the artist reception. This program celebrates the work of local artists and continues to fulfill our mission of supporting the arts in the community.


*To be considered for an exhibition or for more information, contact Mary Roy at

Currently in the Gallery

UnreNOUNed: Persons. Places. Things.

Persons: Jacqueline Knell
Portraits in personal collections are usually upright, framed rectangles containing the head and bust of a relative, hero, or a person in costume. I have resisted these notions here. Rather than portraits, I am presenting paintings of people. My square format and larger-than-life faces are designed to trigger a new mindset. I want you to embrace the beauty and complexity of ordinary people. These paintings are my proud tribute to all of us.

Places: Martha Cowan
For the paintings in this exhibit, my desire is to give significance to places that often go unnoticed, because they have great meaning for me. I often wonder what kind of existence or history abandoned places, structures, or vast landscapes have. I ask myself “Why were you abandoned?” A sense of life and emotion comes from these places and I attempt to convey this in the work. For these subjects and more, I strive to record what I feel about them, and to give them a permanent place in the world, not to be soon forgotten.

Things: Karen Werner
Beauty is all around us, even in the most ordinary things. Usually we look too quickly or not at all. In my work I hope to show the gorgeous color of things and the fascinating play of light and shadow on common objects.


2018 Exhibits

December Artists of the Month

Jacki Knell, Martha Cowan, Karen Werner

Exhibit runs through January 6, 2019

Coming in 2019:

February/March: Paul Faulstich

April: Joel Cinnamon

May: Claremont High School Students