Artist of the Month

Our Artist-of-the-Month program features the work of a new artist each month. The Chamber offices are open during the Claremont Art Walk, every first Saturday, for the artist reception. This program celebrates the work of local artists and continues to fulfill our mission of supporting the arts in the community.

*To be considered for an exhibition or for more information, email Mary Roy at

Current Exhibition: Hadi Toron

Toron’s wide range of subjects sets him apart from other artists. As a diplomat, Toron traveled extensively around the world, developing deep emotional attachments to different environments, societies, and traditions. His travels inspired much of his work, which ranges in subject matter from the villages of his native Syria , to the whirling Dervishes of the Sudan, to the natural beauty of the Caribbean. Rather than conveying the literal interpretation of what he sees, Toron paints the multi-layered expression of what he feels. And while Toron’s artistic journey is anchored in his emotional attachment to places and time, he continuously re-visits old subjects, and explores new ones, in search of new expression.


Past Exhibitions


Upcoming Exhibitions

October: Ken Johnson’s “Fragments: An archeology of memory.” Abstracts and prose on trace memories of Vietnam.

November: Like Mother, Like Daughter: The Fine Art of Angelina and Andrea Mosley