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For nearly 30 years, the Claremont Community Foundation has worked diligently to address the most pressing needs in Claremont and beyond, encouraging civic engagement and philanthropy and partnering with donors and investors to fulfill financial and charitable goals.


CHAP -Claremont Homeless Advocacy Program

$13,000  for the Employment Training and Education Program

One year of employment training and education for participants.

Claremont Canopy

$10,000  for The New Beginnings Internship Program

This program will give Canopy members on the job training and work experiences. The participants will serve as peer navigators for new arrival families, and receive professional coaching on public speaking to become community ambassadors.

Claremont Heritage

$20,000  for Mexican Serenade Revisited: The Story of the Mexican Players and Padua Hills Theater

Preserve and document history of Padua Hills Theater and Mexican players, and also offer new historical scholarship that will fill a gap in the Latinx theater history.

Claremont Meals on Wheels

$11,722 for Home Delivered Meals to Senior Citizens

Subsidy for low-income clients and a new refrigerator/freezer

Claremont Museum of Art

$20,000  for Creating a Community Room

Building of a new glassed in room in the historic West Portico, for the purposes of art education and community programming and meetings.

Claremont Senior Foundation

$20,000  for Blaisdell Nutrition Program Revitalization

Update the inadequate kitchen at Blaisdell Park Community Center to serve adults over 60 for Elderly Nutrition Program

Girl Scouts

$25,000 for Improving the La Casita Outdoor Experience

Installation of a wooden shelter at La Casita to enable year round capacity for site in Claremont.

Inland Valley Council of Churches

$5,000  for Our House Shelter

Provides homeless families in the area a place to shelter and achieve financial stability. Offers counseling sessions with case managers to help single women and families reestablish themselves and find employment and eventually permanent housing.


$5,000 for the Sensory Room at Adult Development Center

Funds will support a sensory room added to the Monte Vista Adult Development Center for people with developmental disabilities.

Project Sister Family Services

$15,000 for the Inland Valley Human Trafficking Task Force

Address human trafficking needs including food, vouchers for….

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

$50,000 for the Demonstration Rain Garden

“Will provide approximately 80,000 guests per year with an understanding of how to implement their own rain garden, thereby protecting our groundwater resources and reducing run off into the ocean. The Garden will serves as an enduring legacy to CCF and as an emblem of the ethos of sustainability for which Claremont is known.”

Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for  Arts and Crafts

$8,000 for the Maloof Public Arts Initiative

12 month educational art experiences for K-12 students, veterans and the community at large

Uncommon Good

$8,000 for Connect to College Program

Will help low-income children break the cycle of poverty by supporting their efforts to fulfill their potential academically and attend college.

Dear Community Members,

We want to express our sincere gratitude to you for being part of the 30 year history of the Claremont Community Foundation. What began in 1989 blossomed into an organization that has provided so much good to our community. Many of you have volunteered with the foundation and made financial contributions and we thank you for being an integral part of the CCF legacy.

After much deliberation the Board has decided to gift the remainder of the endowment through regular and large scale transformative grants, which will bring CCF’s mission to completion. This was not an easy decision, but it allows us a meaningful opportunity to serve our charitable mission with a lasting effect. With the era of CCF coming to a close, we will make every effort to make a positive impact in our geographic area and continue to improve lives in our community.

With that in mind, the grant process this year will be an exciting one. Historically, CCF grant awards have averaged $1-5k. This year, we will offer grants up to $30k, and in addition will award a limited number of $50k “super grants.” For more information, visit our website or attend our Information Session on Sept. 5 at 12pm. We encourage you to apply for grants this year as a way to continue the legacy of CCF in the community through the work of all the wonderful foundations and other nonprofits doing their best to continue improving the lives of people in the community.


The Board of the Claremont Community Foundation


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